Mozambique Plantation Project
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Hello and welcome to our plantation venture.
I am David Winter, the venture's Project Manager working together with James Smit, the founder of the project; Lassine Faquira the Horticulture and Landscaping, Pesticides and Fertilizer Manager, Gary Van Eyk the Maintenance Manager and Shaun Bodenstein the Farm Manager. 
I bring Project Controls i.e. Qualitative Risk Analysis, Schedule Risk Analysis and Value Assurance and Interface Management to this project to guide it for the benefit of our attempt to reduce poverty in Africa.  
We are very glad to be adding ourselves to the landslide of people and corporations that are now taking notice of the unfair scenario in Africa where women are banished to the washboard, cooking fires and fields! This website is our place of reference for what we are doing to make our presence felt in this movement to enable Women in Africa to contribute to the development of Africa. It's their continent too
The very term Gender Equality we believe is frankly a “lip service” term that shouldn't even exist, let alone have any support or credence attached to it. 
People are people, and each one of us has our part to play in making the world around us better and that's what we, the four of us, in the Steven Telford Foundation, are doing. Our part to make our world around us better. 
We are enabling 'people' starting with marginalised women in Mozambique to rise to their maximum capacity to develop their world around them. This plantation project is our start.
The Steven Telford Foundation as RJR Serviços Limitada, Mozambique is the business entity for our venture named in memory of the late Dr Steven Telford PhD. who was a prolific benefactor of African causes, specialising in Mozambique. We believe he would be proud to see where this venture will go in developing Africa to its fullest extent. R.I.P. Steven, our mentor and friend. 
Kind Regards,
The Team
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